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GameKast LLC/The GolfKast Series Endorsed by the GCAA for Next Three Years

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NORMAN, Okla. – The Golf Coaches Association of America has endorsed Gamekast LLC and The GolfKast Collegiate Series for the next three years. GameKast LLC, a leading provider of digital sports coverage, continues its ongoing commitment to enhance the experience for collegiate golfers. GameKast LLC and The GolfKast Collegiate Series has been endorsed by the GCAA for three years. GameKast LLC will continue to produce a number of high-quality college events for men's and women’s golf.

The GameKast LLC suite of companies will use its bountiful, pioneering platform to promote golf through the eyes of collegiate, amateur, and professional golfers. It also benefits the coaches that aid in the development of the athletes, as well as highlighting the personal stories in which legends are created.

"GameKast LLC has always supported the GCAA and its mission for college golf,” said Managing Partner, James Brady. “The support of Gregg Grost and his team from day one has always been outstanding. The GCAA embodies young student-athletes through college golf and we are proud to be associated with the GCAA." 

“The GCAA is excited to endorse GameKast and The GolfKast Collegiate Series as a ‘Streaming Partner’ for college golf,” said GCAA CEO Gregg Grost. “James Brady has worked tirelessly since the pandemic to build a technology platform for golf that allows parents, alumni, boosters, and friends to follow their sons, daughters, and favorite teams on the course. Without the exorbitantly high costs associated with live television production, GameKast allows college, high school, and even professional tournaments to be as close as on your phone or laptop. The video quality and technology with GameKast is a game changer for amateur and college golf.” 

About GameKast LLC 

Founded in 2019, GameKast LLC owns the No. 1 amateur sports media network in the world “GKLive.TV '', a high-definition, mobile, sport-streaming experience to connect families and fans to the players they love. GameKast is a privately-held media company based in Spartanburg, SC. They do this through their portable streaming platform, which provides the power to broadcast any event live in HD through their proprietary technology. To date, the company has streamed over 104,445 events to over 1,339,846 viewers and is expected to continue growing in various amateur outdoor and indoor sports