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GCAA Convention Educational Session: Knowing Your Player's Equipment

NORMAN, Okla. - As parents of teenagers know all too well, when it comes to technology, those of us who can see our 20's in the rear view mirror are at a significant disadvantage.  Simply put, if it includes a gadget, we are better served by asking for help.  For college golf coaches, keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, and the latest texting language is key to survival into today's competitive athletic world.

Those same coaches are being equally challenged in the world of golf by ever changing technology involved with building a better golf club and making sure it fits a specific player.  Gone are the days of a simple stiff or x-tra stiff shaft with a cord grip.

As a result, this year's convention will feature on Wed. Dec 8 an educational breakout session called, appropriately, Golf Equipment 101.  Last year's attendees in post convention surveys asked for future conventions to include information on how to better fit their player's equipment.  To address this request GCAA Corporate Partners Golf Pride, True Temper and Ed Mitchell Golf have put together a special presentation on how the different components of a club must be fit to match a particular player's skill level, body type and swing in order to achieve the best results.  "We are extremely lucky to have the industry leaders coming together in a cooperative effort on behalf of our members and their players", said GCAA CEO Gregg Grost.  "With technology changing so quickly, helping our member coaches stay on top of things is a must."

Each of these companies is present on tour to make sure the best players in the world have exactly what they need to play their best.  Each company is committed more than ever to provide this expertise to our coaches who deal with the next generation on a daily basis.

The presentation will feature Guy Spears from Golf Pride, the leading manufacturer of grips in the game, explaining how grip technology has advanced in the past few years. He will discuss re-gripping, sizing of grips and how this affects the swing.  He will also discuss how different materials in a grip can impact accomplished players.

Ben Hough will represent True Temper, the leading maker of shafts in the game, as he how explains new shaft technology has changed the game.  Currently, an average of 88% of the player on the PGA Tour each week use True Temper steel shafts. Making sure that players have the correct equipment through testing is a core principle of the company.  Whether it is graphite or steel, a shaft must work together with all the components that make up a golf club to give the player the best chance to succeed.

Finally, Ed Mitchell of Mitchell Golf will work to tie the entire presentation together as he discusses "the importance of club performance to your player's scores".  Since 1988 Mitchell Golf has been the leading company in the golf industry in measuring and bending golf clubs both for the everyday player and those on the PGA Tour. He will explain why coaches need to know their player�??s club specifications and how to measure them.  The presentation will also discuss how and why coaches need to be able to adjust golf club angles to fit their player's needs.

Yes, it should be a lively 90 minutes with every college coach in attendance focused on being better at what they do.  So grab your iPad, laptop, iphone, or Driod and get ready for golf technology made easy.   Or even just bring a pencil and paper.