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Danny Edwards Announced as Speaker at GCAA and WGCA Member Conventions

NORMAN, Okla. – Five-time PGA Tour winner and renown chipping instructor Danny Edwards will speak at the Women’s Golf Coaches Association (WGCA) and Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) National Conventions on Wednesday, December 11 in Las Vegas.   

After a successful collegiate and professional golf career where Edwards was a three-time All-American at Oklahoma State, member of the 1973 Walker Cup team, as well as a five-time PGA Tour winner, Edwards decided to create “The Chipping Equation” a chipping system to help amateur golfers end their struggles around the greens.

“The system is very simple that players of all levels can learn to calculate an accurate landing spot, that is a fraction of the distance to the hole, and with a precise yet simple set up, chip a ball to that short distance away and then let the benefits of horizontal momentum and physics take over, instead of using the inconsistent vertical momentum from high lofted lob wedges” said Edwards.”  “Physics takes over and the rollout becomes "predictable" with two different clubs and two formulas, playing the ball "on the ground" where we have the highest control over the ball.” 

Across the country, at public and private courses, collegiate golfers, junior golfers and senior golfers have gained fantastic consistency and amazing results with Edwards’ simple system. Up and down percentages of 70%, 80%, and even 90% have been achieved.

Recently, Edwards commissioned the first ever TrackMan analysis of chipping in Denmark, conducted by one of the three original TrackMan Master calibrators. “We have an Epidemic of the "Lob Wedge" in our game,” added Edwards. “TrackMan showed that amateurs will have much more consistency chipping the ball close enough to the hole to make a much higher percentage of those saving putts playing the ball on the ground around the greens with the Chipping Equation system.”