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2018 Team Effort Regional Champions and Medalists Named

NORMAN, Okla. – The GCAA would like to honor the 2018 Team Effort Regional Champions and Medalists for NCAA Divisions I and II.

Team Effort Regional Champions and Medalists

Division I Champions
Bryan Regional – Texas A&M
Columbus Regional – Oklahoma State
Norman Regional – Oklahoma
Releigh Regional – Texas
Reunion Regional – Florida
Stockton Regional – Kansas

Division I Medalists
Bryan Regional – Chandler Phillips, Texas A&M
Columbus Regional – Kyle Mueller, Michigan
Norman Regional – Travis Trace, North Florida
Raleigh Regional – Doug Ghim, Texas
Reunion Regional – Andy Zhang, Florida
Stockton Regional – Norman Xiong, Oregon

Division II Champions
Atlantic/East Regional – Roberts Wesleyan
Midwest/Central Regional – Indianapolis
South/Southeast Regional – West Florida
West/South Central Regional – St. Mary's (TX)

Division II Medalists
Atlantic/East Regional – Minwoo Park, Concordia (NY)
Midwest/Central Regional – Alex Scott, Grand Valley State
South/Southeast Regional – John VenDerLaan, Florida Southern
West/South Central Regional – Emilio Gonzales, St. Mary's (TX) and George Markham, Colorado School of Mines