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2024 NCAA Division III PING All-America Teams Finalized

NORMAN, Okla. – The second, third, and honorable mention 2024 Division III PING All-America Teams have been announced by the GCAA. Jack Burr of Huntingdon, Cameron Cappuzzo of Methodist, Justin Chan of Carnegie Mellon, Cooper Hrabak of Methodist, Jackson Klutznick of Emory, Jonathan McEwen of Washington & Lee, Michael O’Sullivan of Oglethorpe, Caleb Ryan of Methodist, and Chase Walts of Methodist were previously named to the first team.

J.F. Aber of Wittenberg, Edward Coffren of Lynchburg, Beck Lewis of Oglethorpe, Jacob Mason of Trinity (TX), Conor Schubring of Bethel (MN), Aiden Spampinato of Methodist, Brian Xu of Carnegie Mellon, and David Zhang of Carnegie Mellon comprised the second team.

Third-team honorees included Roy Anderson of Franklin & Marshall, Bobby Beaubien of Illinois Wesleyan, Andrew Bennett of Centenary, Elliot Parker of Drew, Mason Remington of Whitman, Avery Stansell of Rhodes, Jack Vercautren of Aurora, and Brett Viator of Huntingdon.

A total of 22 golfers were named honorable mention All-America.

Division III PING All-America Teams

First Team

Jack Burr, Huntingdon

Cameron Cappuzzo, Methodist

Justin Chan, Carnegie Mellon

Cooper Hrabak, Methodist

Jackson Klutznick, Emory

Jonathan McEwen, Washington & Lee

Michael O’Sullivan, Oglethorpe

Caleb Ryan, Methodist

Chase Walts, Methodist

Second Team

J.F. Aber, Wittenberg

Edward Coffren, Lynchburg

Beck Lewis, Oglethorpe

Jacob Mason, Trinity (TX)

Conor Schubring, Bethel (MN)

Aiden Spampinato, Methodist

Brian Xu, Carnegie Mellon

David Zhang, Carnegie Mellon

Third Team

Roy Anderson, Franklin & Marshall

Bobby Beaubien, Illinois Wesleyan

Andrew Bennett, Centenary

Elliot Parker, Drew

Mason Remington, Whitman

Avery Stansell, Rhodes

Jack Vercautren, Aurora

Brett Viator, Huntingdon

Honorable Mention

James Alden, Guilford

Nick Amtmann, UW Eau Claire

Ramon Aroca Gonzalez, Hamilton

Gabe Benson, Concordia (MN)

Benjamin Boyd, Trinity (CT)

Aaron Buck, Redlands

Matt Buckley, RPI

Michael Burry, Emory

David D’Agostino, Methodist

Jonas DeLeon, Redlands

Sean Fitzgerald, Babson

Brian Hanson, Emory

John Kim, Pomona-Pitzer

Shane Lawler, Franklin & Marshall

Tony Li, Emory

Tom Liu, Rochester

Jonathan Oakes, Kenyon

Nick Rubino, Hampden-Sydney

Griffin Pohl, Illinois Wesleyan

Michael Spitzer, Illinois Wesleyan

Jamison Tan, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps

Gus Vickers, Stevens

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