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Posted Sept. 3, 2006

LifeLock Identity Theft Service Protecting Golf Coaches

Golf Coaches Association of America Board Recognizes Importance of Protection for Coaches

Chandler, AZ (August 24, 2006) ? LifeLock CEO Todd Davis announced this afternoon that the nation?s leader in identity theft prevention will partner with the GCAA (Golf Coaches Association of America) to offer protection its members from the problems associated with ID theft.

According to The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a non-profit group in San Diego, more than 100 million people have been affected by data losses mid-February 2005. Compromises within U.S. universities and colleges have been reported at an especially alarming rate during that same timeframe. More than 80 reported cases of lost personal information (50% of all reported losses) have come from universities and colleges throughout the U.S., affecting more than 4 million students, faculty, staff and alumni combined.

?We welcome the opportunity to work with everyone associated with the GCAA,? said LifeLock CEO Todd Davis. ?The members of the GCAA, like most coaches, have no extra time to deal with problems stemming from ID theft. I applaud the organization leaders for taking this step to protect their members from something that could cause havoc to an entire golf program. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship.?

LifeLock is the nation?s first and only ID Theft Prevention Company that maintains active fraud alerts with the three major credit bureaus as well as ChexSystems. The LifeLock system makes personal information useless to everyone but the rightful owner. Every time someone attempts to open credit, change an address or make changes to bank accounts, LifeLock is there to ensure the right person is making the request.

Also unique to other products on the market, LifeLock removes a member?s name from solicitation lists and junk mail, eliminating a primary target of ID thieves ? the pre-approved credit offer. Best of all, the LifeLock system is backed by a $1 million guarantee to completely fix any problems if a client was ever compromised.

?We are excited about the GCAA?s partnership with LifeLock,? said Gregg Grost, GCAA?s Executive Director. ?LifeLock is going to provide an invaluable service to our members at a time when the worst can happen at any moment. Our organization is always looking for services to offer our membership which will benefit and protect them and their families. Given concerns regarding identity theft in the world today, LifeLock provides system that can remove all our fears and worries.?

The Golf Coaches Association of America is the professional association of collegiate men?s golf coaches, high school coaches, PGA of America and LPGA professionals. Established in 1958, this non-profit organization is dedicated to educating, promoting and recognizing its members and the student athletes who participate in collegiate golf at all levels. Through its established events and programs, the GCAA maintains a goal of increasing awareness and status of men?s golf.

The partnership will allow GCAA members and others associated with the organization to sign-up for the LifeLock service at a special discount by using the promotion code (GCAA) at or by clicking the link on